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Pamela is a fully qualified Equine Sports Massage Therapist. Pamela successfully works for, and is trusted by, enlightened horse owners, large stables and equine organisations across the UK. You can also visit Pam at her Barffvale Equine Centre

All work is covered by Full Professional Indemnity Insurance

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Equine Sports Massage
Sports Therapy or Muscular Therapy is used to enhance performance and prevent injury. It assists the horse to work in comfort and therefore will be able to perform to its best potential. "No athlete should have to wait to be hurt before getting help. It is much better to prevent then correct".

Sports Massage
is the therapeutic application of hand-on Massage techniques for the purpose of increasing circulation, relaxing muscle spasms, relieving tension, enhancing muscle tone and increasing the range of motion.

Pam's Home Clinics

As well as tending to her clients around the UK Pam also runs her 'Barffvale Equine Centre': following are a couple of the treatments available from the clinic: use this link to view more 'Barffvale centre' treatments)

Equine Solarium (Radiant Heat - Infrared, IR)
The therapeutic benefits of the Equine Solarium is the heat energy that penetrates the skin into the underlying muscle tissue and helps stimulate blood circulation due to the warmth. This improves muscle elasticity thereby helping to reduce and recover from injury.

Percussion Massager
The robust hand-held percussion massager increases muscle tone, builds up weak muscles, improves strength and conformation and encourages old and stiff horses to use dormant muscles. With its 5 massage intensities, 3 inter-changeable heads including heat option it allows deep muscle penetration.


What is Equine Sports Massage?

Think of the Chiropractic Treatment you receive for a sports injury and you have Equine Massage Therapy.

The Equine Sports Massage Therapy developed along with Human Sports Massage Therapy and the two practises are closely related. Both have been practised for many years.

Sports Massage Therapy works for you, it works for your horse.

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Pamela will travel to you wherever you are located within the UK

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About Pam Bryan - Qualified Equine Sports Massage Therapist and BHS Welfare Representative


Pam is a member of the 'The Active Foundation' charity and the 'Equine Sports Massage Association'

My love of riding - since I was 5 - and my love for horses plus my blistering need to have both my horses and horses in my care treated ONLY by Qualified Equine Therapist - which was hard to find - led me to study to become an equine sports massage therapist. To attain my equine chiropractor qualifications I had to first learn on humans before moving onto horses - tested on humans, used by horses! In 2001 I qualified as an Equine chiropractor able to practise on both horses and humans. view my qualification or read the full article.


Pams Equine and Human Qualifications:

Active Foundation Diploma in Equine Massage

Active Foundation Diploma in Equine Massage

Active Foundation Associate Member

Active Foundation Associate Member

Equine Touch Foundation

Equine Touch Foundation

Foundation Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology - IHBC, IIHHT, IIST

Foundation Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology - IHBC, IIHHT, IIST

Sports Massage Therapy

Sports Massage Therapy Cert

Laser Light Therapy

Laser Light Therapy Cert

IIHHT Certificate in Body Massage

IIHHT Certificate in Body Massage

IIHHT Diploma in Indian Head Massage

IIHHT Diploma in Indian Head Massage

Federation of Holistic Therapists -
Certificate of Professional Membership

Federation of Holistic Therapists - Federation of Holistic Therapists -



Pam's Qualification Progress

I have been riding since I was 5 years old and spent most weekends and summer evenings riding and caring for other peoples horses.

At the age of 16 years old, I left school to work and train towards my British Horse Society Exams with a Dutchman called Frans Koeman at his BHS approved riding school, which had liveries, breaking and schooling of young horses and a dressage stallion.... show the full article

Once qualified, I left to work on a Hunt Yard to be in charge of 8 hunt horses, hunting every Wednesday and Saturday with the Brocklesby Hunt and point to pointing. I moved away from working with other peoples horses as wanted to buy and compete with my own. I bought my first horse, which I owned for 20 years, and I now own and compete 3 horses of my own and also have 2 youngsters.

I compete at local level in shows, hunter trials, one-day events and show jumping and I am a member of the North Lincs Riding Club, and member and Treasurer of the Holton Le Moor & District Riding Club.

After having a livery yard of my own for a few years, and having people come round to look at my horses with back problems that were not qualified, I decided to look into the area of horse therapy and becoming an equine chiropractor myself. After a lot of research I found that I had to qualify by working with humans first, before I could move onto equine therapy. I spent 2 years at North Lindsey College training for anatomy and physiology, body massage and sport massage. I then moved onto horses, training with Renee Castle from the Active Foundation in Ipsden, Wallingford, Nr. Henley & Windsor, training and working on the polo ponies in this area. This course took me another year to complete.

I qualified as an Equine Sports Massage Therapist in May 2001 and have been working on horses ever since, with either maintenance checks or injury problems. I am also now working for the BHS as a Welfare Representative. hide..


Pam is a member of the 'The Active Foundation' charity

Pam is a member of the 'Equine Sports Massage Association'


Performance Improvements may be seen in a horse used for the following equine sporting activities as muscle injuries are more likely to occur: Dressage, Eventing, Show Jumping, Racing, Point to Point, Steeple Chasing, Hacking out, Working Horses and Driving Horses. Contact Pamela for a consultation.