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Pamela is a fully qualified Equine Sports Massage Therapist. Pamela successfully works for, and is trusted by, enlightened horse owners, large stables and equine organisations across the UK. You can also visit Pam at her Barffvale Equine Centre

All work is covered by Full Professional Indemnity Insurance

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Some signs that your horse may benefit from massage therapy:

  • Sore back
  • Dipping, flinching, violent tail swishing when grooming the back
  • Stiffness on the rein
  • Tail carried to one side
  • Poor or reduced performance
  • Unevenness of steps
  • Reluctance to jump
  • Behavioural - bucking, rearing, not wanting a saddle on, refusing to stand still when being mounted
  • Crookedness
  • Head shy
  • Disunited canter
  • Problems with incorrect canter lead
  • Uneven muscle tone
  • Reluctance / difficulty maintaining an outline or engaging hindquarters
  • After a fall when all other possible health causes have been ruled out by veterinary examination.


What is Equine Sports Massage?

Think of the Chiropractic Treatment you receive for a sports injury and you have Equine Massage Therapy.

The Equine Sports Massage Therapy developed along with Human Sports Massage Therapy and the two practises are closely related. Both have been practised for many years.

Sports Massage Therapy works for you, it works for your horse.

Read about Equine Sports Massage


Pamela will travel to you wherever you are located within the UK

Pamela Equine Therapist

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Clients & Testimonials



"I run a livery and training stables which has had a wide variety of horses from show jumpers, point to pointers to harness racers. Each discipline creates different stress areas on the muscle groups, which in turn affects the performance of the horse.

I first called Pamela out to a point-to-point horse that was very stressed when asked to jump the bigger fences. Pamela spent over an hour working on him. He relaxed straight away with her, which impressed me, as he is normally very wary around new people. He was like a different horse after Pamela had finished with him and his jumping improved immediately. We now use Pamela as a matter of routine before bringing a horse back into training, and during the harness racing season.

This sport puts an awful lot of strain on the muscle groups, as the horse has to pace (lateral) instead of trot. We have found Pamela to be Punctual, Professional and she has shown us many exercises to do before working out each horse. I would recommend her to anyone who competes in equestrian pursuits or is having problems with their horse or pony."

Julie Coulson – Hawthorns Livery

"Pam visits my horse twice a year for a routine checkup. Pam has an excellent, calm manner with horses who respond positively to her.

Pam returns calls promptly and always turns up on time which is very important when time is paramount.

Pam explains what she is doing to help improve the horses suppleness.

I am grateful for the peace of mind Pam's visits gives me for knowing that my horse is comfortable in himself so he can work to the best of his ability."

Claire Holmes - Scotter

"After 20 years of having horses, it's good to find a genuine therapist giving a genuine therapy that works.

After a visit from Pam, our stiff old horse once again becomes supple and free moving. This is achieved without expensive intervention from the vet and with a treatment our horse enjoys.

With Pam's skills we can keep our horse competitive, comfortable and happy.

Having bought a horse who had retired from eventing due to injury, he is now competing again entirely through the skillful work of Pam.

After 20yrs of my husband and I using qualified or gifted therapists, we have found Pam who is both."

Ian and Maria Austin - Market Rasen.

"Excellent, prompt service"

Mr L Kirkby & Mrs M Kirkby - (JT master of Brocklesby)

"Pam proved invaluable in the preparation of one of my event horses for the Blair CCI* in 2004.

The horse lacks suppleness and with regular monthly treatments from Pam we had a successful season culminating in a top placing at Blair."

Caroline Peatfield BHSI (regd) - Market Rasen

"I have been involved in harness racing for 20+ years. It is a sport where a horse (standard bred) pulls a sulky cart round a racetrack. Most races run over a mile and the times are now under 2 minutes in the UK with split seconds between places. It is therefore paramount that a horse is in top shape to compete.

I was first introduced to Pamela on recommendation when a horse I was training would not go forward in the cart. The horse had a lot of tension in the neck and shoulders, which was apparent even when grooming. I had been told the horse had a fall previously, which Pamela picked up on. It took two sessions to sort out the horse but the results speak for themselves. Last season we were placed and the horse is going from strength to strength.

I now use Pamela on a regular basis throughout the racing season as a preventative measure due to the stresses of my sport, and believe she plays a vital role in keeping my horses on the track. "

Paul Murtagh - Hibaldstow

"My horse suffered a sacro-ileac injury and was box rested for 6 weeks. The vet advised me to have him checked by a back therapist before bringing him back into work. This was to ensure there was no stiffness resulting from the long period of rest. Pamela found muscle knots and tension in the opposite side to the injury, these were massaged away and the horse returned to work with no further complications."

Tina Walker BHSAI - North Lincs Equestrian

"I found Pamela by word of mouth, and have used her services over the past three years for both of my horses, for various injuries and problems. I booked treatments following one of my horses having major colic surgery and for a training problem with the other horse who is a youngster.

Pamela has always been prompt for appointments, relaxed and patient with the horses (and owner!) and a fountain of knowledge. She has explained each part of the treatment and has given me exercises that I can continue with.

I have no hesitation in recommending Pamela for injuries, problems with training and general check-ups for any horse/pony"

Karen Farrow - Market Rasen

"Pamela was recommended to me by a friend. Having called her out several times now to a variety of problems I have always been pleased with the results.

Two of my horses proved very difficult and restless during treatment but Pam's calmness and patience meant that the therapy could continue with minimal stress for all involved!

I would always recommend her in the future."

Susie Day - Lincolnshire Country Rides




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  • Becky Blissitt |
  • Becky Bowman |
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  • Joanne Brown |
  • Jim Burks - Shirer Judge/Breeder |
  • Joanne Burns - Showjumping/Livery Yard |
  • Jenny Burt - Secretary Brocklesby Hunt |
  • Racheal Burt - DC of Brocklesby Pony Club |
  • Maureen Calland |
  • Sonya Casswell |
  • Sarah Calver - Brookhouse Farm Livery |
  • Julie Coulson - Pacer Yard |
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  • Lucy Foster - Barrow Haven Livery Yard |
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  • Angela Greenacrea - Low Farm Livery Yard |
  • Racheal Grundy - Brook House Farm Livery Yard |
  • Jackie Harness |
  • Melissa Heaton Douglas |
  • Lucinda Henson |
  • Paula Hibbard |
  • Claire Holmes |
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  • Juliet Horne |
  • Tracey Howarth |
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  • Margaret Hull |
  • Brenda Johnson |
  • Kathreen Kay |
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  • Lawrence Kirkby - Master Brocklesby Hunt |
  • & Mandy Kirkby |
  • Liz Laughton - Normanby Park Riding School |
  • Kerry Lewis |
  • Elaine Lovell - White House Farm Comp Yard |
  • Fiona Lundy - Caistor Riding School |
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Performance Improvements may be seen in a horse used for the following equine sporting activities as muscle injuries are more likely to occur: Dressage, Eventing, Show Jumping, Racing, Point to Point, Steeple Chasing, Hacking out, Working Horses and Driving Horses. Contact Pamela for a consultation.